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JAM Higher Timeframe Pack
From Custom EasyLanguage development to unique TradeStation indicators and utilities
TradeStation 9.0 just released
TradeStation developer

The JAM Higher Timeframe (HT) Pack is a set of TradeStation indicators and functions that calculate and plot the values of indicators on lower bar interval Charts/RadarScreens as though they were running on higher bar interval Charts/RadarScreens.
  • Work with multiple interval ticks charts

  • Work with multi-timeframe data in RadarScreen

  • Use IntrabarOrderGeneration (IOG) and multi-timeframes together in your strategies

  • Get higher-timeframe 'in-between' bars values on lower-timeframe charts

  • Optimize strategies based on bar interval

  • Work with charts that aren't available in TradeStation, such as two day, two week, quarterly and yearly charts.



  • Many more indicators and functions.  Now over 40 indicators and 45 functions.

  • Indicators have been improved to include alerts and coloring, where necessary.

  • Includes four price indicators - Candlesticks, OHLC bars, Overlay bars, Heikin Ashi bars.

  • Heikin Ashi (HA) bars.  HA price bars can be displayed, and all HT indicators can be applied to HA bars.

  • Indicators now support 'gapless' calculations.

  • New Indicator documentation, and new Function documentation to help you build your own HT indicators and strategies.


No slow and complicated DLLs.  No multi-datastream charts to mess up the charts formatting.  No approximations.  All the JAM HT Pack indicators are simple, single indicators that do internal calculations to provide the EXACT higher timeframe indicator values. 

Whether you're using Charting or RadarScreen, backtesting or trading live, tick, minute or daily+ bar intervals, the JAM HT Pack indicators always calculate the exact higher timeframe values.


You can see on this 5 minute chart on the left the JAM HT Avg Simple indicator is accurately calculating a 20 minute SMA as shown on the chart on the right.  This value is 100% accurate from the beginning of the chart to the end.


This chart shows three tick timeframes on one chart!  The first is a 20 tick with a Simple Moving Average applied, the second a 40 tick with an Exponential Moving Average, and the third a 100 tick with Bollinger Bands.  There are no DLLs involved so you avoid all the problems they entail.  This is all done on a single chart.


An alternative way to display indicators is to have multiple HT indicators on a single chart.  This 233 tick chart is showing a 233 tick Hull Moving Average (HMA), a 699 tick HMA, and a 2097 tick HMA all in the same window.  Note that the 2097 tick HMA is in 'stairstep' format.  This is one of three display types for your indicators.


This RadarScreen shows ADX for multiple timeframes on one line.  The first line shows JAM HT ADX for 30 minutes, 4 hours and 1 day.  You can see on the three lines below that the values match exactly the TradeStation ADX indicator applied on the matching timeframe. 


The chart on the left is diplaying Weekly Momentum on a Daily chart.  Note that even the gradient coloring exactly matches
the higher timeframe chart!

Then this RadarScreen is showing exactly the same information as above.  All HT indicators work with both Charting and RadarScreen.


This is a Yearly chart of the $INDU.  Not only can the JAM HT Pack display yearly charts (which aren't available in TradeStation), but we can also apply indicators to them.

A Quarterly chart of GBPUSD.  Again, the JAM HT Pack is displaying charts that aren't available in TradeStation, with indicators applied!

Finally, we have a two day chart of IBM.  It has the both ADX indicator applied and the standard 'Fibonacci Price Retracement Lines' taken from the TradeStation Drawing Objects menu.


The HT Pack has four price indicators - Candlesticks, OHLC bars, overlay bars and Heikin Ashi bars

25 minute candlesticks on a 5 minute chart                                                   300 tick OHLC bars on a 50 tick chart


7 day overlay bars on a daily chart                                                     1 hour Heikin Ashi bars on a 15 minute chart



The following indicators are currently available:

  • %R
  • ADX
  • ADXR
  • Aroon
  • Average True Range
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Candlestick (for drawing HT candlestick bars)
  • CCI
  • DMI
  • DStoch
  • Heikin Ashi
  • Hull Moving Average (HMA)
  • Inverse Fisher Transform
  • Keltner Channel
  • Laguerre RSI
  • Linear Regression Curve
  • MACD
  • Momentum
  • Money Flow
  • Moving Average - Adaptive
  • Moving Average - Simple ( free version here )
  • Moving Average - Exponential
  • Moving Average - Smoothed
  • Moving Average - Triangular
  • Moving Average - Weighted
  • On Balance Volume (OBV)
  • Overlay Bars (for drawing HT overlay price bars)
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Price (for drawing HT OHLC price bars)
  • Price Channel
  • Rate of Chg
  • RSI
  • Standard Deviation
  • Stochastic - Fast & Slow
  • Swing High & Low (pivots)
  • TRIX
  • TSI
  • Volume
  • VWAP_H

Several other indicators are in development.  If there are any standard indicators you would like to see added to this list then please contact me .

If you have your own indicators or functions that you would like converted to work with Higher Timeframes then please contact me for a quote.

The following HT equivalent functions are also available:

  • AdaptiveMovAvg
  • ADX
  • Average
  • AverageRange
  • AvgTrueRange
  • BollingerBand
  • CCI
  • DirMovement
  • _DStoc
  • Heikin Ashi
  • Highest
  • HighestBar
  • HMA
  • KeltnerChannel
  • LaguerreRSI
  • LinearRegValue
  • Lowest
  • LowestBar
  • MACD
  • Momentum
  • MoneyFlow
  • NormGradientColor
  • OBV
  • ParabolicSAR
  • PercentR
  • Pivot (swing)
  • Range
  • RateOfChange
  • RSI
  • SmoothedAverage
  • StandardDev
  • StdDev
  • Stochastic
  • Summation
  • TriAverage
  • Trix
  • TrueHigh
  • TrueLow
  • TrueRange
  • TSI
  • Volume
  • VWAP_H
  • WAverage
  • XAverage
  • XAverageOrig

EasyLanguage programmers can use these functions to create there own higher timeframe indicators and strategies.

HT indicators work as a direct multiple of the current chart's bar interval .  i.e. if you are on a 5 minute chart then you can calculate the higher timeframe indicator for a 10, 15, 20, 25 minute etc chart.  But you can't calculate for a 7, 11, 13 minute etc chart.

The following table shows the accuracy of results when converting from one timeframe to another:


If you want to check if HT indicators work for you then download and try the free HT Simple Moving Average indicator.  Or Contact Me if you have any questions.

Indicators can be purchased individually or as part of the whole pack, and with or without open code.  If you purchase open code then you will also receive documentation on how to use the HT functions so that you can incorporate them into your own indicators and strategies.  All functions are encrypted - you do not have access to the function code.  Everything is licensed to your TradeStation Customer Number .

* When you purchase any HT indicator you will also receive an updated copy of the Higher Timeframe Simple Moving Average indicator that runs more than twice as fast as the free version and enables you to use price inputs other than 'Close'.

You will appreciate that once you have the package you have all the code, so there are no refunds.  If you wish to test out the JAM HT Indicators then a free download is available here .  I'm also happy to send you the latest documentation for the full indicator pack.

If you need more information then please feel free to contact me .


Purchase JAM Higher Timeframe Pack

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